About us

About us

Our history

AllAgBots Nordic was founded in 2021 with the goal of being the link between farmers and manufacturers. The owners understood customers need for support, safety and service. Thus, AllAgBots Nordic was formed, quickly becoming the “key” for farmers and manufactueres. AllAgBots Nordic examines customers needs to offer the best product which can be customized for the customer to offer a great start.

AgBots Nordic is the premier source for knowledge, service and support in autonomous farming. They are the desired dealer for their technical skills and reputation in agriculture industry. The company already has several supplier agreements.

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Who we are

Torben Thorsen

CEO & Founder

Owner of Thorsen-Teknik. Customers turn to Thorsen teknik for the best solutions. Torben has 45 years of technical and innovative expertise in the agriculture industry. 10 years of R&D in hydraulic devices, Canbus controls and gps technology, which gives him the capability to solve complex problems.