AllAgBots Nordic at Langesømessen 2021
AllAgBots Nordic CEO’s were featured at langesømessen 2021 exhibition that took place August 19, 2021. AllAgBots Nordic joined other agricultural and forestry companies for “Europe’s largest fair”.

AllAgBots Nordic’s innovations in autonomous technology are absolute game-changers for farmers across the world. AllAgBots Nordic successful autonomous services are not only freeing up farmers to focus on other tasks, but are also making farm work safer and more sustainable.

Smart solutions have been tested and tried. These emerging technologies and capabilities that you’ll actually see on a farm today. AllAgBots Nordic displayed some of their supplier robots.

Naio owns Oz and Dino, which are fully autonomous units for high precision weeding. A 2cm precision range thanks to a guidance system that combines the information from RTK GPS and other sensors. This hold real potential, especially in swarms on high-value crops.

AgroIntelli Robotti versatile and multi-use customizable features make it useful for problem solving multiple tasks in the field.
Throughout the complete farming season.

The biggest benefit for many of these autonomous robots is the cooperation with AllAgBots Nordic because of the client first and onsite principles. These machines have learned what farmers needs are, how to apply it and perform safely.

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