Security standards for autonomous vehicles

Denmark, September 23 — AgriRobot will operate a new generation of certified security solutions for autonomous agricultural equipment.

• AgriRobot aims to set new security standards in the market for high quality autonomous agricultural equipment on their certified security software kits.
• The collaboration contributes to AllAgBots Nordic and AgriRobot being able to deliver a unique portfolio of secure automation, which is further expanded to new autonomous vehicle agricultural standards.

AllAgBots Nordic has announced that they will collaborate with AgriRobot, which focuses on agricultural security software solutions. This will expand AllAgBots Nordic’s product portfolio, and enable the company to offer a complete, high-quality autonomy solution to farmers and OEMs in the autonomous agricultural industry.

AgriRobot, which has two owners, was founded in 2021 and is headquartered at DTU Skylab, Denmark. They connect their functional safety software with existing technology to offer a complete solution where the presence of the driver of an agricultural vehicle can be eliminated. Their vision is always to maintain the highest safety standards for self-driving agricultural vehicles. AgriRobot will, together with AllAgBots, develop an unprecedented degree of security and autonomy in agriculture. Units mounted on tractors will change the farmer’s way of working and you do not have to be present while driving the tractor.

AllAgBots Nordic knows what farmers, horticulture, and forestry need and how autonomous units should work. The equipment from Agrirobots, gives the possibility to mount a safety set, on an existing tractor, which thereby becomes a hybrid solution on an already existing tractor.