what we offer


The best time to start autonomous farming is right now! These services are for you if you’re a well-established, small-to-medium sized grower. You’ve got an eye on the future and a bold ambition to scale to make a greater impact – but aren’t sure how.


These services are for you if :

  • You can’t decide where your business is heading in the next 5 years.
  • You aren’t sure where your focus needs to be to achieve success and increase profits. You’re making up moves as you go along.
  • You’re not doing marketing – or you are, but aren’t seeing results.
  • Your’re thinking about where to find labor
  • Your competition starts to encroach and you’re not sure what your next move is. You’re doing the same thing you’ve always done and results are… just okay.
  • You’re not sure where or which autonomous farming equipment is best.

We genuinely are invested in the success of farmers. We understand the needs of farmers today and act accordingly by providing you with safe, productive and reliable equipment.















It is a good and safe feeling to know that your autonomous equipment is up to date and that you are driving with the safest and best quality. Stress-free is what our customers feel.

Overview of our support

  • Onsite service. At all time and wherever you are. Whether it’s a matter of service time, inspection, or upgrade.
  • Service video. Service is easier and faster with video customer support. We can assess faster your needs to get you back in the field.
  • Get all relevant information on your phone.

We are consistent and constantly providing excellent customer service to farmers. We put them at ease because we share the same values, concerns, and goals. We always respond and offer ongoing support that can’t be matched anywhere else.

“Our integrity, skills and results for finding solutions for farmers is our reputation in the agriculture industry” says Torben Thorsen(Thorsen-Teknik).



  • AllAgBots Nordic yearly safety check
  • Safety check according to supplier guidelines
  • We push our suppliers to follow the latest autonomous robotic safety standards
  • Service check
  • Backup of data
  • Access to course
  • Free telephone support during opening hours
  • Discounted prices


  • Yearly maintenance check
  • Free telephone support during opening hours
  • Telephone support outside of opening hours *
  • On site support
  • Updating of externally connected equipment*