Farming Robots


Orio will work in your fields with accuracy thanks to its guidance system based on RTK GPS signal. This robot offers the possibility to add options for greater autonomy and precision.

Orio works on lettuce, onions, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, leeks, cauliflower, various herbs (garlic, cilandro, mint, etc) … and much more!

Designed for row crops and beds of vegetables, arable crops, large growers and contractors, this robot offers the possibility to add options for greater autonomy and precision.

naio technologies /agrorobtech

OZ is the farming assistant for time-consuming and arduous tasks.



  • An easy-to-use tool that brings peace of mind to operations management.
  • Oz works completely autonomously thanks to its RTK GPS guidance system. Free up time for other tasks!
  • Oz reduces the risk of loss of production and therefore helps to secure operating income.


Jo benefits from more than 10 years experience in guidance system. It follows its lines with accuracy and reliability, allowing you to free driver’s time and spend it on other more valuable tasks.

Jo is based on a well-known vineyard crawler design. Jo can carry the same tools as the ones you already use. The optional additionnal battery and the electrical output allows you to use electrical tools !

Thanks to its narrow size, you can carry Jo with a trailer or a small truck. It has a compact U-turn path, that is perfect for vineyards with a lot of small fields.

naio technologies /agrorobtech

Ted does effective and precise mechanical weeding, without herbicides, which respects your soil and crops.

Discover the first robot dedicated to vineyards, an alternative to the use of herbicides that respects your soils and improves your working conditions.

With a 8 hours per day autonomy, you can easily schedule your weeding interventions when they suit you best.

Ted is easy to use. The universal mounting frame offers the possibility to adapt various tools.